Residency Information

For initial entry into Freedom Re-Entry Sober Home (FRESH)  

  • You must be sober!
  • You must have the ability to pass an alcohol and drug test.
  • You must agree to take random urine exams and alcohol breath tests weekly.
  • Urine Exams and testing kits are provided by house management.


We also ask the residents agree to adhere to the following :



Freedom Re-Entry Sober House is a Christian adult communal sober living environment. The rules at Freedom Re-Entry Sober House are designed to accomplish several things. It can be tempting to see rules, regulations and expectations as restrictive or punishing. But like any of the new tools you’ve been learning in recovery, you should know that when we make a point to work it, not against it, we benefit from personal growth. It would be impossible to list every rule or situation, so some common sense must be used.

Any group of people living together requires organization and team work in order for the house to function smoothly. Many of the rules relate to these kinds of household details. In addition, and more importantly, each of these rules has a similar “rule” in the outside world of work, family, life, etc.

Breaking of these rules will result in a review and possible discharge from our home.

Any Resident expelled for any reason will not be permitted to return to the premises as a Resident for a minimum of thirty days, and must go to a shelter, hospital, or detox.  Expelled Residents must have a clean urine test in order to return.

Upon expulsion, personal belongings must be picked up within thirty days or the belongings become the property of Freedom Re-Entry Sober Home.

Resident’s Account must be current in order to receive personal belongings.

Prepaid lodging monies and security deposits will not be returned to resident if he was asked to leave for rule violation or relapse.

Often, people suffering from dependency have patterns of irresponsible behavior resulting in lost jobs, lost relationships, loss of self-respect, etc. By recognizing and using these rules as positive guidelines, each of us can strengthen our recovery by learning to live orderly and responsible lives.


Upon admission and at any time, if the staff deems necessary, your room and personal belongings may be searched for alcohol, drugs, or other contraband. Tenants will be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings each week. Any resident found using alcohol or drugs will be immediately discharged. No refund of rent will be given for any violation of policies.

Leaving overnight requires completing a pass and turning it in to the manager. You may request an overnight pass after being at Freedom Re-Entry Sober house for at least thirty days. You are responsible for getting another Tenant to cover any household responsibilities you may have during your overnight out.

Curfew Hour is at 11:00 p.m., and you are expected to be home on time. If work hours conflict, prior arrangements must be made. If you anticipate being late, call your House Manager and advise as soon as possible. Any infractions will result in consequences and possible termination of tenancy. All violations will be noted in your file.

All residents are required to sign in and out, declaring their destination and approximate date and time of their return, on the Sign Out sheet provided daily. All tenants are also required to either complete or have arranged for someone to complete their chore while they are gone. The purpose of Sign Out is for telephone courtesy and in case of emergency.

Residents are strongly encouraged to exhibit an honest, open and willing attitude.

Residents should not bring any valuable items to Freedom Re-Entry Sober House. Freedom Re-Entry Sober House is not responsible for any items brought by Resident to the house.

Residents are required to attend, on time, all required meetings weekly.

The use of any alcohol or any unauthorized mood-altering chemical is not allowed, either on or off the premises. Continuous sobriety is necessary for residents of Freedom Re-Entry Sober Home. Should a resident resume usage, he will be terminated immediately from tenancy. If you think another resident has been drinking or using drugs, inform a staff member so that the staff can confront him in a sensitive way and appropriate action can be taken. Anonymity will be respected. A drug screen (UA) may be requested when there is suspected chemical use.

Physical violence directed at you, another person or Freedom Re-Entry Sober Home property would be grounds for immediate termination. In addition, any language or gestures determined by staff to be consistently abusive or threatening may be grounds for termination. It is expected that tenants will not engage in enabling behavior. Illegal activities are not condoned by Freedom Re-Entry Sober House and are grounds for termination.

All residents must be employed, seeking employment, attending school, or doing something conducive to recovery.

Residents are expected to abide by confidentiality and anonymity of peers. What is said in Freedom Re-Entry Sober House, Stays in Freedom Re-Entry Sober House.

Tenants are expected to be responsible, respectful and considerate of them, all others and the house at all times.

You are not allowed in another tenant’s bedroom. Only staff and the tenant who is living in that bedroom are allowed in that bedroom.

You may not have any physical contact with another resident or guest on the property, other than a handshake or a ‘greeting hug’. Relationships with other tenants may be grounds for termination.

Your pets may not live on Freedom Re-Entry Sober House property.


You are not allowed to remove or move any furniture or fixtures from the house or from room to room. Do not bring any of your furniture or it becomes Freedom Re-Entry Sober property! All items in the house or hanging on the walls are Freedom Re-Entry Sober House property. You may bring family pictures or recovery items only. These items are allowed ONLY in freestanding frames. No wall hangings allowed. Notify the House Manager if you are donating something to your house with the understanding that the item stays after you move out.


The grievance process for a tenant is to talk to your House Manager. If the situation has not been resolved then go to the Office Manager, then the Board of Directors will review the situation.


No required meeting on a legal holiday.


Our House Meetings are CLOSED meetings. Guests are not allowed.


Prescription narcotic medications and cannabis are not permitted at Freedom Re-Entry Sober. All other prescriptions are allowed only if they are prescribed to you by a doctor and are taken as prescribed. All prescribed medications are to be locked and not shared with any other Resident. Residents are responsible for taking care of their own prescribed medications. Freedom Re-Entry Sober does not administer medications.

Morphine and methadone are not permitted.

You may not consume anything nor bring to the property anything that contains alcohol, including but not limited to, over the counter medications and mouth wash. All tenants are expected to provide an accurate accounting of the medications they bring to Freedom Re-Entry Sober House. All medications must be listed on Tenant Medication Record with other pertinent information. At any time Staff deems necessary, medications may be counted to confirm the accuracy of dosages taken. Any changes in the dosage must be confirmed in writing or by telephone to staff from the issuing doctor. Do not leave medications out where they are in the open or unprotected. Keep in a dresser drawer or with you at all times. You are responsible for the control of your medications and any deviations are considered abuse. Abuse of medications will be considered a relapse and tenancy will be terminated.


Please answer the phones by saying “Hello”. Do not give out any information to the caller. After thoroughly looking for the person, if they are not home, take a message. Write the message on the board including date, time, who the call was for, the caller’s name, and phone number.